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Veggi Patties

    • 2 tablespoon olive oil
    • 1 potato (I use Idaho), grated
    • 1 medium carrot, grated
    • 1 sweet potato, grated
    • 1 zucchini, grated
    • 1/4 cup broccoli, finely chopped
    • 2 tablespoons flour (I use wheat)
    • Salt & pepper
    • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder (optional)

    • Grate the potato, carrot, sweet potato and zucchini (I use a food mandolin to get matchstick-thin pieces). These are the vegetables I use but feel free to eliminate or substitute with whatever you have on hand.
    • Place in a bowl with broccoli and mix well.
    • Squeeze out as much liquid as possible by taking a handful of the veggie mix and squeezing it over sink (I do one handful at a time and transfer into a separate bowl).
    • Add flour, salt & pepper and garlic powder to the squeezed vegetables. Mix well.
    • Set pan on medium heat and add olive oil.
    • With hands, make patties about the 2 to 3 inches in diameter and add to pan.
    • Cook for about 5-7 minutes on each side until patties are crisp and golden brown.
    • Serve warm.
    • You Can freeze patties for future meals

Hot today

OMG.  It is hot.

Really hot.

So hot, that I don't know if I want anything to eat today, I'd have to cook, and it is wayyyyy too hot to cook.

But otherwise, it is starting to cool down, maybe in an hour or so I will go and make something for dinner.

Tomorow will kill though.

I live on the coast, and work inland.  There is a wonderful *sarcasm* twenty degree difference in temperature.  Joy.  But the most fun is where I bike, for a mile and a half each way.  Inland.  Where it is death in the summer.

Oh god!  Why can't I just deal and get a car already??????

But, I ride my bike anyway.

At least this will be a hell of a weight loss program.  I should take before and after pictures... before the hell that summer is going to be, and after, when I am a stick.  So, I'll at least look forward to that.  Maybe that can help me get through being dehydrated and exausted and burnt to an unreconizable crisp.  iiiick.

Oh well, I am done wining now. 

13 Easter'd Eggs

So, I go to cart00n's family for Easter dinner tonight.... and the chef is preparing something Greek.

Yeah, I don't know either.

Anyway, thought I would...

Wait, I hear you asking, yes, there is a Chef in the family.  And he makes damn good food.

Okay, back to this, I thought I would bring something uniquely me.  Inspired by Mom, I went and bought some neon food coloring.  And then went and tie-died ten hard boiled eggs.  Without the shells.
Because I was making Easter'd Eggs!  Cut in half and make yummy yokie filling with paprika on top, you get some really really tasty and funny looking egg appetizers.

Don't believe me?  Here's a pic::


New Post

yes, it has been forever, right?

Anyway, lots have happened in the last couple months.  I got sued by someone I don't know, for roughly $4000.  one thousand of which was hijacked from my checking and savings accounts two days before I got any notifications about the suit.
That was fun... still though, any lawyers out there that might be able to help me?

Looking to start up a business (actual in a store business selling touchable product) but don't quite know how to get the funding, everyone (banks) keep telling me to find a friend with a house that they are willing to put up for collateral.  Right.  1. Like I have friends who have houses.  2. Like any of them would put thier homes up for collateral so I can start a business.

So, instead I am doing my best to sell Discount Health and Dental plans.  And, being that I work with insurances at work... in a dental office... I have gotten to know some really good dental plans.  And for those who can't afford insurance (which normally start at $200, if you are young with no pre-qualifications)  the Discount Plans that I sell are godsends.

I'll get back to that.

Anyway, December 2007 I got Employee of the Month!  Woo hoo.
The Head Assistant said it was because I always came to work really really early.  And on the bus to boot.
Kinda took the spark away.

Um, lately my boss has been really getting on my nerves, telling me to do other people's work.  Last Thursday afternoon he tried to tell me to do something that was completly out of the range of what I do there, and I told him.  Kinda got a bit mean.  Mostly along the lines of  "I don't do that job, I do these six other jobs, you want me to start doing that too, your going to have to finally give me a raise, we both know you won't do that, so fuck off, get out of my office and let me do what I do that keeps all of us in paychecks."
A few minutes later, after the boss stumbled out of my office and remarkably no one else bothered me for the rest of the day, I kinda felt like I crossed some line.  But I was frustrated and wasn't able to stop myself.

Friday started, and the owner of the place, Dr G., has a solem look on his face in the middle of the check out area of the dental office as he asks me to come over, he has something he wants to tell me.


He then holds up a plaque with my name on it and says "You are the Employee of the Month this month!  Congratulations."

Yeah, I was shocked.  And I totally forgot what happened the day before until today when talking with 't00n over dinner.  He had told his friends the story over the weekend and none of them could stop laughing.  Hell, as I remembered the events of last week, I couldn't help but laugh.
I work in a wierd... wierd office.


Okay, so back to the Dental and Health Discount plans.

I now sell these plans, and it doesn't matter where you are, you can be here in San Diego, or up there in Portland. You can travel across the country or have regular trips to randomness and still be qualified for the plan.  In fact, there are no pre-qualifications.  Okay, there is one, you have to like discounts.

So this isn't an insurance.  This is a discount, so you can go to any doctor, anywhere, and you get the same treatment.  No restrictions.  But you do have to pay when you make a visit.  But, if you don't have insurance, this is a great start, better even than the free clinics.

So, check it out: http://www.EveryoneBenefits.com/SCass, or www.mybenifitsplus.com/SCass

Or, you can sell these too.  Yea, yea, MLM, it's annoying.  But only when the product sucks.  This discount plan is really good.  Hell, my dental office takes the Dental Plan.  And those patients get the same awesome treatment all our other patients get.  And.... if you sign up to sell this, you get Dental discounts, Vision discounts, and Chriopratic discounts included.

So check that out: www.IBOPlus.com/SCass ,or www.myhomebusinesspays.com/SCass

Go ahead and do it already, and hell, if you join up to sell, or become an Independent Broker, you can write off all sorts of stuff as work related (including the broker fee!).  That'll be very nice next April.


Okay, I'm off my soap box now, have fun, enjoy your night.



So, there I was, just a couple weeks ago, I felt the 10pm, drinking-wayyy-too-much urge to make plans to go to Julian for a weekend.

Well, Friday rolled around and there I was picking up my 2008 PT Cruiser, silver at the Dollar Rental place.  I had found a year ago or so that Dollar Rental is actually cheaper than other rental companies(Hertz, Budget, Enterprize) by half, even when the Dollar Rental place doesn't have a AAA discount.  ( I discount the really cheap scum-bag rental places, because eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww.)

After getting packed, my huney and I were off to have fun in the mountains...

The drive up was uneventful, although those curvey-windy roads were almost like driving in a video game, it was still pretty simple.

We checked into the hotel, Old Oak Hill Hotel, which is really someone's home that has turned his barn into a multiple studio room hotel.  We got room #1 and it was pretty huge... A queen size bed, with an entry way/dining room that had wood flooring and a cute tiny round table with a couple chairs, as well as a pantry filled with a loaf of date-nut raisin bread and orange juice and yogart and tea and coffee.... there were a couple windows, one that was also a sliding glass door that can be used instead of the main entry way.  But the nice thing, there was no phone.  No internet.  Just a tv and a couple heaters (one looked like a fire place, but didn't emit much heat, the owner said something about returning it to the maker for one that might actually work.)

Not that I don't like being on the internet, but being disconnected for a short time, is actually really nice.

So, we were hungry, it was about noon, and we hadn't eaten.  We walked down to Main street and went to Miners Diner.  I had a veggie sandwich and he had a  buffalo burger ("made with real buffalo! Really!"  the menu said.)  Anyway, it was yummy.
Well, we were well sated and decided to go look at some of the stores we didn't get to on my birthday when we first went up.  And we bought stuff.
A walking stick for 't00n,
a tea strainer,
a really pretty butterfly hair clip,
lots of candy and chocolate,
a new t-shirt with a little girl holding a baby dragon.

Soon after all the shopping, we went back on the road.  It was dark.  There was rain.  We drove randomly down a few empty, dark, curvy, scary, tree filed highways and back when I said.... okay, waaaaayyyy too creepy.

Anyway, by the time we got back to main street it was roughly 8 or 9 pm, and we then went to a restaurant to have some dinner... I was craving soup.  We went to RongBranch Diner.  Yeah, it was definatly wrong.  As in yucky,  bland, sick looking food.  Nope, don't have to spend another dime there again.

Back to the hotel and fell asleep to the heater keeping us warm and cozy, and the tv droning on about the recession.  Ah life.  Ain't it wonderful.


We wake at a casual hour of 9am and decide that breakfast at the Miners Diner would be a wonderful thing to do.  I get pancakes and eggs with spiced hot chocolate he gets a ham steak with hot cider.  We are both happy.

But we shopped all day long yesterday! Yes, but there are a couple more things to still do.
 We went to a book store to try to find his elusive book, and didn't, but we got a copy of the Duncow with the cover on it.
And then I got a walking stick.  Will be fun to mess around with.

But then we wanted to do more,

So, guess what?  We drove down to Viejas for outlet shopping!

So we do.  It wasn't that rainy, at least on the way down I could sort of see a few feet out.

Viejas was fun, really pretty place, and we shopped in the rain.
got some new pants for me (have designs on the butt pockets),
a $60 two week old really happening game for only $10,
and some Duff beer (an energy drink).

Then we came back to a rainy Julian and relaxed at a nice happening Italian restaurant that serves alcohol.  I am wondering if that is why everyone in town was there. It was good food, and there was a nice italian beer that they served, but I can't remember the name of it.
After the beering and dining, we went to see a town play, A Christmas Carol.  Yeah, didn't really expect like super duper effects or acting skill, but I was at least expecting to actually see what was going on.  Really, (to those who direct plays:) if you are going to make a play, and you know that the seats are all level, don't have your actors sit on the ground all the time, because those of us in the back can't see what is going on much less hear it.
But that isn't was really bugged me.  What bugged me was the jack ass in front of me, who really didn't have the seat in front of me, just moved there at curtain, and kept his head just so that no one behind him can see the stage.  Damn packed house.  Damn jackass.

At intermission we left.  Couldn't deal.  And we know the story anyway.

We went back to the hotel to eat some candy and watch some tube... there was a political discussion that was pretty entertaining, that I fell asleep to.

I had to pee at about 5 or 6 am.  Then just because, I went to take a look outside......

OMG IT"S SNOWING!  It was sooooooooo awesome!
So, after squeeling at cart00n, I got my boots on, and in my pj's I played around outside in awe at the snow, watched it go from really big flakes to small crystals back to big flakes, I felt like I was in wonderland.  But I was in Julian, so I suppose that's almost the same.

A few minutes later, after getting cold, I walked back inside to warm up and just stared out the window until the flakes made way for just the crystals that made way for rain.  *pout*  And I crawled back into bed.  That was awesome!  Truly. 

Around 11 or so we packed up and headed out, the owner said to just leave the key on the table and lock up when we leave, so we did so, after leaving a heart felt letter of appreciation, and a promise that we will be back on Valentines...

And we headed back.

Got home, unpacked the car.  Did my best not to cry about having to return the car.  And drove off to the car rental place.

On the 8 freeway going west toward the 5, there was this really really crazy guy, who actually looked normal enough, but was probably deranged, as he walked into traffic daring every passing car to run him over.  He got really pissed when I swerved around him, he was shaking his fists in the air wanting death.  We were able later to find a cop watching over traffic a little bit away to tell them of the incident, but I am fairly certain that someone swerving around the death-wisher had a cell phone.

After *pout* returning the PT Cruiser, we took the trolly and a bus back home.  And now here were are.  Tomorrow I have to go back to work.  But today I remain headache free and very calm and happy.  I like that.

Tee heee

 Julian, what a wonderful weekend that awaits!

Thanksgiving 2008

Happy Thanksgiving people.

It's an interesting time of year of cooking and eating and schmoozing and family feudes,  but this year, I get to cook the bird!  w00t!

So far, so good.  I think it is almost done, although it's a bit earlier than originally thought, but I think that will be okay.   Some family came by with pies, and M&M will bring green beans and yams, and 't00n is currently making potatos.  Yummy day today.  And it smells just awesomely!

Anyway, hoping for M&M to get here soon, so that I can get some extra juice on the bird before I take it out, but I think it should be okay, maybe though a bit over done.... but just a bit enough to make sure that I don't get roped into making dinner every holiday.  But this year is fun.  So we will see.

Anyway, I think I should go back now... yes, I am lame, don't have a camera, but it is turning out as pretty and crusty as last year's turkey.  Can't wait to eat. 

Update from Hangover central: Everyone loved it.  Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, tasty, the gravy was a bit thick, but otherwise, dude.... I wonder how many beers I drank yesterday....?  I kinda lost track.  But, there was hardly any leftovers.  And people were asking for seconds even after they were incredibly full.  Oh, we even had two extra people show up!  It was awesome.

And the Chef, the Chef, he liked it!  He really liked it.

Update 11-30 at 4:11pm:  I made a delightful turkey dinner pie with the leftovers (savory pie crust that of course I made, mashed potato's, shreaded turkey, frozen veggies, more shreaded turkey, and yummy yummy gravy).  And let me tell you, the pie is amazing.  A little salt and pepper, and it's perfect!  I was originally thinking of eating a slice of pie with some cranberry sauce, but damn... doesn't need it.
Anyway, gonna take some with me to work tomorrow if my huney doesn't finish it off... which, if he does, I soooo totally understand.  I mean dude, that pie is awesome!

Pie, pie.... I like pie!


OMG... that hurts, and then some

While I was surfing to find out how to get involved, I paused on the E-newsletter for Democrats web page:

"If it wasn't for Hillary’s long time support of loose morals and whipping up women to think they can make decisions about their own bodies, none of this would have happened." -- Grover Norquist, anti-tax activist and GOP leader who, along with others, blames the Clintons for Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter’s pregnancy. 8.03.08 


And then I kept scrolling, and I think I want this on a post card or something for every time someone starts talking about how wonderful it is to go and bomb the middle east because we think they hurt us:

"Strong countries and strong presidents talk to their adversaries. That's what Kennedy did with Khrushchev. That's what Reagan did with Gorbachev. That's what Nixon did with Mao. I mean think about it. Iran, Cuba, Venezuela – these countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union. They don't pose a serious threat to us the way the Soviet Union posed a threat to us. And yet we were willing to talk to the Soviet Union at the time when they were saying we're going to wipe you off the planet.” --Obama in a speech in Oregon. 5.18.08