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yes, it has been forever, right?

Anyway, lots have happened in the last couple months.  I got sued by someone I don't know, for roughly $4000.  one thousand of which was hijacked from my checking and savings accounts two days before I got any notifications about the suit.
That was fun... still though, any lawyers out there that might be able to help me?

Looking to start up a business (actual in a store business selling touchable product) but don't quite know how to get the funding, everyone (banks) keep telling me to find a friend with a house that they are willing to put up for collateral.  Right.  1. Like I have friends who have houses.  2. Like any of them would put thier homes up for collateral so I can start a business.

So, instead I am doing my best to sell Discount Health and Dental plans.  And, being that I work with insurances at work... in a dental office... I have gotten to know some really good dental plans.  And for those who can't afford insurance (which normally start at $200, if you are young with no pre-qualifications)  the Discount Plans that I sell are godsends.

I'll get back to that.

Anyway, December 2007 I got Employee of the Month!  Woo hoo.
The Head Assistant said it was because I always came to work really really early.  And on the bus to boot.
Kinda took the spark away.

Um, lately my boss has been really getting on my nerves, telling me to do other people's work.  Last Thursday afternoon he tried to tell me to do something that was completly out of the range of what I do there, and I told him.  Kinda got a bit mean.  Mostly along the lines of  "I don't do that job, I do these six other jobs, you want me to start doing that too, your going to have to finally give me a raise, we both know you won't do that, so fuck off, get out of my office and let me do what I do that keeps all of us in paychecks."
A few minutes later, after the boss stumbled out of my office and remarkably no one else bothered me for the rest of the day, I kinda felt like I crossed some line.  But I was frustrated and wasn't able to stop myself.

Friday started, and the owner of the place, Dr G., has a solem look on his face in the middle of the check out area of the dental office as he asks me to come over, he has something he wants to tell me.


He then holds up a plaque with my name on it and says "You are the Employee of the Month this month!  Congratulations."

Yeah, I was shocked.  And I totally forgot what happened the day before until today when talking with 't00n over dinner.  He had told his friends the story over the weekend and none of them could stop laughing.  Hell, as I remembered the events of last week, I couldn't help but laugh.
I work in a wierd... wierd office.


Okay, so back to the Dental and Health Discount plans.

I now sell these plans, and it doesn't matter where you are, you can be here in San Diego, or up there in Portland. You can travel across the country or have regular trips to randomness and still be qualified for the plan.  In fact, there are no pre-qualifications.  Okay, there is one, you have to like discounts.

So this isn't an insurance.  This is a discount, so you can go to any doctor, anywhere, and you get the same treatment.  No restrictions.  But you do have to pay when you make a visit.  But, if you don't have insurance, this is a great start, better even than the free clinics.

So, check it out: http://www.EveryoneBenefits.com/SCass, or www.mybenifitsplus.com/SCass

Or, you can sell these too.  Yea, yea, MLM, it's annoying.  But only when the product sucks.  This discount plan is really good.  Hell, my dental office takes the Dental Plan.  And those patients get the same awesome treatment all our other patients get.  And.... if you sign up to sell this, you get Dental discounts, Vision discounts, and Chriopratic discounts included.

So check that out: www.IBOPlus.com/SCass ,or www.myhomebusinesspays.com/SCass

Go ahead and do it already, and hell, if you join up to sell, or become an Independent Broker, you can write off all sorts of stuff as work related (including the broker fee!).  That'll be very nice next April.


Okay, I'm off my soap box now, have fun, enjoy your night.