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So, there I was, just a couple weeks ago, I felt the 10pm, drinking-wayyy-too-much urge to make plans to go to Julian for a weekend.

Well, Friday rolled around and there I was picking up my 2008 PT Cruiser, silver at the Dollar Rental place.  I had found a year ago or so that Dollar Rental is actually cheaper than other rental companies(Hertz, Budget, Enterprize) by half, even when the Dollar Rental place doesn't have a AAA discount.  ( I discount the really cheap scum-bag rental places, because eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww.)

After getting packed, my huney and I were off to have fun in the mountains...

The drive up was uneventful, although those curvey-windy roads were almost like driving in a video game, it was still pretty simple.

We checked into the hotel, Old Oak Hill Hotel, which is really someone's home that has turned his barn into a multiple studio room hotel.  We got room #1 and it was pretty huge... A queen size bed, with an entry way/dining room that had wood flooring and a cute tiny round table with a couple chairs, as well as a pantry filled with a loaf of date-nut raisin bread and orange juice and yogart and tea and coffee.... there were a couple windows, one that was also a sliding glass door that can be used instead of the main entry way.  But the nice thing, there was no phone.  No internet.  Just a tv and a couple heaters (one looked like a fire place, but didn't emit much heat, the owner said something about returning it to the maker for one that might actually work.)

Not that I don't like being on the internet, but being disconnected for a short time, is actually really nice.

So, we were hungry, it was about noon, and we hadn't eaten.  We walked down to Main street and went to Miners Diner.  I had a veggie sandwich and he had a  buffalo burger ("made with real buffalo! Really!"  the menu said.)  Anyway, it was yummy.
Well, we were well sated and decided to go look at some of the stores we didn't get to on my birthday when we first went up.  And we bought stuff.
A walking stick for 't00n,
a tea strainer,
a really pretty butterfly hair clip,
lots of candy and chocolate,
a new t-shirt with a little girl holding a baby dragon.

Soon after all the shopping, we went back on the road.  It was dark.  There was rain.  We drove randomly down a few empty, dark, curvy, scary, tree filed highways and back when I said.... okay, waaaaayyyy too creepy.

Anyway, by the time we got back to main street it was roughly 8 or 9 pm, and we then went to a restaurant to have some dinner... I was craving soup.  We went to RongBranch Diner.  Yeah, it was definatly wrong.  As in yucky,  bland, sick looking food.  Nope, don't have to spend another dime there again.

Back to the hotel and fell asleep to the heater keeping us warm and cozy, and the tv droning on about the recession.  Ah life.  Ain't it wonderful.


We wake at a casual hour of 9am and decide that breakfast at the Miners Diner would be a wonderful thing to do.  I get pancakes and eggs with spiced hot chocolate he gets a ham steak with hot cider.  We are both happy.

But we shopped all day long yesterday! Yes, but there are a couple more things to still do.
 We went to a book store to try to find his elusive book, and didn't, but we got a copy of the Duncow with the cover on it.
And then I got a walking stick.  Will be fun to mess around with.

But then we wanted to do more,

So, guess what?  We drove down to Viejas for outlet shopping!

So we do.  It wasn't that rainy, at least on the way down I could sort of see a few feet out.

Viejas was fun, really pretty place, and we shopped in the rain.
got some new pants for me (have designs on the butt pockets),
a $60 two week old really happening game for only $10,
and some Duff beer (an energy drink).

Then we came back to a rainy Julian and relaxed at a nice happening Italian restaurant that serves alcohol.  I am wondering if that is why everyone in town was there. It was good food, and there was a nice italian beer that they served, but I can't remember the name of it.
After the beering and dining, we went to see a town play, A Christmas Carol.  Yeah, didn't really expect like super duper effects or acting skill, but I was at least expecting to actually see what was going on.  Really, (to those who direct plays:) if you are going to make a play, and you know that the seats are all level, don't have your actors sit on the ground all the time, because those of us in the back can't see what is going on much less hear it.
But that isn't was really bugged me.  What bugged me was the jack ass in front of me, who really didn't have the seat in front of me, just moved there at curtain, and kept his head just so that no one behind him can see the stage.  Damn packed house.  Damn jackass.

At intermission we left.  Couldn't deal.  And we know the story anyway.

We went back to the hotel to eat some candy and watch some tube... there was a political discussion that was pretty entertaining, that I fell asleep to.

I had to pee at about 5 or 6 am.  Then just because, I went to take a look outside......

OMG IT"S SNOWING!  It was sooooooooo awesome!
So, after squeeling at cart00n, I got my boots on, and in my pj's I played around outside in awe at the snow, watched it go from really big flakes to small crystals back to big flakes, I felt like I was in wonderland.  But I was in Julian, so I suppose that's almost the same.

A few minutes later, after getting cold, I walked back inside to warm up and just stared out the window until the flakes made way for just the crystals that made way for rain.  *pout*  And I crawled back into bed.  That was awesome!  Truly. 

Around 11 or so we packed up and headed out, the owner said to just leave the key on the table and lock up when we leave, so we did so, after leaving a heart felt letter of appreciation, and a promise that we will be back on Valentines...

And we headed back.

Got home, unpacked the car.  Did my best not to cry about having to return the car.  And drove off to the car rental place.

On the 8 freeway going west toward the 5, there was this really really crazy guy, who actually looked normal enough, but was probably deranged, as he walked into traffic daring every passing car to run him over.  He got really pissed when I swerved around him, he was shaking his fists in the air wanting death.  We were able later to find a cop watching over traffic a little bit away to tell them of the incident, but I am fairly certain that someone swerving around the death-wisher had a cell phone.

After *pout* returning the PT Cruiser, we took the trolly and a bus back home.  And now here were are.  Tomorrow I have to go back to work.  But today I remain headache free and very calm and happy.  I like that.