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Thanksgiving 2008

Happy Thanksgiving people.

It's an interesting time of year of cooking and eating and schmoozing and family feudes,  but this year, I get to cook the bird!  w00t!

So far, so good.  I think it is almost done, although it's a bit earlier than originally thought, but I think that will be okay.   Some family came by with pies, and M&M will bring green beans and yams, and 't00n is currently making potatos.  Yummy day today.  And it smells just awesomely!

Anyway, hoping for M&M to get here soon, so that I can get some extra juice on the bird before I take it out, but I think it should be okay, maybe though a bit over done.... but just a bit enough to make sure that I don't get roped into making dinner every holiday.  But this year is fun.  So we will see.

Anyway, I think I should go back now... yes, I am lame, don't have a camera, but it is turning out as pretty and crusty as last year's turkey.  Can't wait to eat. 

Update from Hangover central: Everyone loved it.  Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, tasty, the gravy was a bit thick, but otherwise, dude.... I wonder how many beers I drank yesterday....?  I kinda lost track.  But, there was hardly any leftovers.  And people were asking for seconds even after they were incredibly full.  Oh, we even had two extra people show up!  It was awesome.

And the Chef, the Chef, he liked it!  He really liked it.

Update 11-30 at 4:11pm:  I made a delightful turkey dinner pie with the leftovers (savory pie crust that of course I made, mashed potato's, shreaded turkey, frozen veggies, more shreaded turkey, and yummy yummy gravy).  And let me tell you, the pie is amazing.  A little salt and pepper, and it's perfect!  I was originally thinking of eating a slice of pie with some cranberry sauce, but damn... doesn't need it.
Anyway, gonna take some with me to work tomorrow if my huney doesn't finish it off... which, if he does, I soooo totally understand.  I mean dude, that pie is awesome!

Pie, pie.... I like pie!



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Nov. 28th, 2008 12:04 am (UTC)
my daughter the cook!
Last year's turkey was pretty good, huh? Happy Thanksgiving!
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